After having his foot stepped on Monday, Colts guard Quenton Nelson is in a boot on Tuesday

The horseshoe is a symbol of good luck. When it comes to the feet of the Indianapolis Colts, luck has been anything but good this week.

The line in Monday’s daily notes from Colts camp had a mildly ominous feel. “Left guard Quenton Nelson left practice after having his foot get stepped on,” the team disclosed.

A day later, Nelson is in a boot.

Via Zak Keefer of, Nelson is watching practice with the protective device on his leg.

The extent of the injury and the duration of the absence are not yet known. But it’s another instance of bad news for a team that is reeling from the foot injury recently suffered by quarterback Carson Wentz.

Nelson became the cornerstone of the Indianapolis offensive line from the moment he showed up as the with overall pick in the 2018 draft. Without him, the Colts would quickly become ordinary at best.