French driver “breaks Olympic record” for driving on tram lines on Mr. Visserplein

A driver from France ended up on the tramlines near the Mr.Visserplein in Amsterdam on Friday evening, police reported on social media under the headline “Olympic record”.

Police were astounded by how long the driver was able to continue on the tram lines. “At 25.3 meters hat was a new record. He destroyed the old record that was held by a 23-year-old German psychology student.”

At the police station, the man proved to have 700 µg/l of alcohol in his system. “The record was, therefore, declared invalid and the driver’s license revoked”, police joked on Instagram.

“Cool record. Shame, doping was involved. Rightfully disqualified”, one Facebook user wrote.

A tow car was able to remove the vehicle from the tram line.